IBPS PO IV Exam analysis(Afternoon session) /review- 19th October ,2014

IBPS PO 4 Exam analysis(Afternoon session) /review- 19th October ,2014

IBPS CWE 2014-15

IBPS CWE 2014-15

The exam was medium tough like morning session .

General awareness Questions Asked in IBPS PO 4 Exam(Afternoon session)19th October ,2014 (with expeted Answers)


What is the full from of PDF- Portable Document Format

What is the Full Form of GUI- Graphical User Interface

Who is Hard Choice Author- Hillary Rodham Clint

What is the Cambodia  currency –  Cambodian Riel

According  to latest  census what percent of pop. Was below 35 yrs of age?

What is the Capital of Afghanistan-Kabul

Which Indian Won the first Gold Medal in Squash at the Asian Games?




Who is the present Minority Affairs Minister– Najma Heptulla

Kundakulam nuclear power plant is a result of an agreement between india and – Russia

Banks of International Settlements HQ – Switzerland

What is the Capital of Argentina- Buenos Aires

One question on Dheen dayal Sharma Scheme

Yogakshemam Vahamyaham’ – slogan of which of the following Bank- LIC

Bollywood Actress who played badminton till national level- Deepika Padukone

‘A’ means  in ATM- Automated

what is the  full from of Virus-Vital information resource under seige

Bank used to what method to read code on cheque – MICR.

Purpose of starting Minor account for ten years children – Financial inclusion

Who is the Inventor of Dynamite- Alfred Nobel

CVV Value – Card Verification Value


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