IBPS PO 4 Exam analysis(Morning session) /review- 19th October ,2014

IBPS PO 4 Exam analysis(Morning session) /review- 19th October ,2014

IBPS CWE 2014-15

IBPS CWE 2014-15

The exam was medium tough .

General awareness Questions Asked in IBPS PO iv Exam(Morning session)19th October ,2014 (with expeted Answers):-

Who Issued  the Smart Card – SBI

What is the  Full form ofCBS – Core Banking Solutions

cyrus mistry is the CEO of which company –TATA

Taskant is the capital for which country­ Uzbekisthan

What is theRailway Minister name ­ Sadananda Gowda


Who is theIran President­ Hassan Rouhani

UBI declared wilful defaulter –Vijay Malya

HDFC Tag Line is­ We Understand Your World


What is the Full Form of PKI- Public Key Infrastructure

What is the URL full form – Uniform Resource locator

EPROM full form is what – Erasable Programmable Read only Memory

Track ball and mouse is which type of device– pointing device.

UNIX is which type of OS – open source

BSBDA Maximum credit amount in a year­— Rupees One lakh



Singham Returns Director–­ Rohit Shetty

What is the name of Revolution 2020 Author- Chetan Bhagat

Who was got Gold medal  in 25 m pistol shooting to India at the Asian Games – Rani Sarnobat

DIGCC insurance cover is beared by – Central Govt

Home rule moment leaders are- Bal Gangadhar Tilak and Annie Besant

Which of the following doesn’t affect the validity of the checque? (options)

3 ATM Transactions from different Bank in one month applies to?

What is the full form of DNA – Deoxyribo Nucleic Acid


Which country as part of EU and don’t use Euro  currency in given options –Denmark

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